Thursday, April 4, 2013

BTZS & Intro to Large Format Photography

Date:  July 19-23, 2013  (5 days)
Instructor:  Fred Newman

Level:  Intermediate and Beyond
Class Description:  Discover the beauty of using large format cameras to create images.  You will learn all sorts of techniques such as; how to calibrate your film using BTZS methods of calibration, how to use an incident meter for large format photography and how to use the ExpoDev software for your exposure & development times.  You will learn how to use scale focusing to make focusing easy, as well as, view camera basics & camera movements. Night photography will also be explored. These techniques will help you control your exposures and compositions so that you can concentrate on making interesting photographs in large format. 

Instructor Bio:  Fred Newman has been involved in photography all of his life. He learned about BTZS around 1990. From 1995 to 2000 he taught BTZS & Introduction the View Camera workshops with Phil Davis. As the owner of the View Camera Store, Fred has been doing BTZS film & paper testing for serious photographers since 1995 He also teaches private workshops.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Leica - Ninety Nine Years - New Book From Leica

Just arrived "Ninety Nine Years Leica". 
A 300-page tribute to the emotive and legendary images that have become a part of our lives. The book sheds an emotional spotlight on 99 years of enthusiasm for a small camera developed by Oskar Barnack in 1913.
This anniversary edition is as unique as Leica itself.
Fewer then 1500 English copies are available.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leica V-Lux 2 is sold out

For those Leica fans: the Leica V-LUX 2 (Cat. # 018-393) is sold out. I can't wait to see what Leica follows the V-Lux 2 with.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Small Business Saturday at View Camera Store

November 26 is a big day for everyone at the View Camera Store. It's the second annual Small Business Saturday, when people across the country come out and shop to support their favorite local businesses. This week, we will announce special offers in celebration of Small Business Saturday.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pinhole Products Available at View Camera Store

I'm excited to announce that I'm carrying the Apogeo II Pinhole Shutter and Pinhole Body Caps, handmade by Minute Aperture Imaging.  Visit the store for more information about these wonderful Pinhole Products!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Specials on BTZS Products on View Camera Store

Are you struggling with film, paper testing, or creating negatives that print easily? Starting on 11/11/11, and continuing through the weekend, all of our BTZS products are on sale. This is a great opportunity to begin using BTZS, or stock up on BTZS testing and accessories. 

Check out our Testimonials Page to read write-ups by satisfied clients utilizing the BTZS system in their workflow, or learn why BTZS is easy

Visit the on 11/11/11 for specials on all BTZS products.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Itinerary: 2011 1st Annual Phil Davis Memorial Photo Retreat

Here's our itinerary for the 2011 1st Annual Phil Davis Memorial Photo Retreat in Death Valley this December.

We want this itinerary to be somewhat flexible in the event that the group decides that there are other locations they'd like to visit, such as the dunes.  

The locations on our itinerary are all accessible by car.  However, Laura, our guide, is open to taking photographers to other areas, such as Corkscrew Canyon and Golden Canyon, though these areas do require hiking. 

Please feel free to contact me at 408-767-7105 if you have any questions.

Drivers needed for carpooling within the park.  If you have a high clearance vehicle and would like to volunteer as a driver to help carpool other photographers so we can all travel together, please let me know.

The itinerary includes night photography.  Those locations will be determined at the photo retreat. 

Day 1 - North 
Titus Canyon: morning
Ubehebe Crater: afternoon
Bring lunch box
Dinner at Furnace Creek 

Day 2 - North
Rhyolite: morning
Rhyolite: afternoon
Lunch in Beatty, NV 
Dinner at Furnace Creek

Day 3 - Central
Dantes View: morning
Artist Drive and Palette: afternoon
Lunch and dinner at Furnace Creek

Day 4 - Central
Zabriskie Point: morning
Twenty Mule Team Canyon: afternoon
Lunch and dinner at Furnace Creek

Day 5 - East
Amargosa Hotel and Opera House: morning
Open to group: afternoon
Lunch at Amargosa Hotel

Day 6 - Central
Mesquite Sand Dunes, Stovepipe Wells: morning
Open to group: afternoon
Lunch at Stovepipe Wells